Keep your chin up – It’s going to be OK (three months after lock down)

23rd June 2020 0 Comments

Steve Oakley | Principal Recruiter at Broadrock Marks

The last few months have been unsettling for candidates and clients but the great news is, there’s more and more activity happening daily to show the market is coming back – more jobs are being advertised and candidates are receiving a lot more calls from recruiters. It’s undoubtedly going to take a little while to get back to where we were, but the green shoots are certainly there!

What I think is certainly clear, is the way of working moving forward is bound to change. Despite the fact candidates have been requesting to work from home for several years, still many companies had often been afraid of even entertaining the conversation as they either didn’t have the set-up to monitor what their employees were doing and/or, were stuck in the mindset of ‘ that’s just not what we do here’. However, the pandemic has forced the issue, and companies that previously refused working from home conditions for their employees will need to equip themselves for this change as it is going to become the norm.

That said; many surveys will tell you that most candidates don’t want to work from home all the time, they want a 50/50 split of time spent in the office with colleagues and days when they can work from home and get their heads down without any distractions. So my advice to clients; take a good hard look at this as it will only serve you for the better with enhanced retention and attraction rates, a reduction in office costs, and most importantly of all, your staff will be happier which means they will be more productive.

Candidates are going to need to change their mindset too. For the next 3-6 months, there is going to be more competition for jobs so you need to evaluate how you can best present yourself and be as effective and efficient as possible with your job search. For any help or advice with this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Although delayed, the IR35 changes are still due to come into effect Spring 2021 which is going to come around quickly, so clients; if you haven’t already done so, consult with your counsels and HR teams ASAP to determine what your company needs to do to provide the correct status determination statement/s to enable you to continue engaging needed contractors.

The last three months have certainly been challenging (optimists may say; “its character-building”…) but we’re through the worst of it and the market is coming back, so let’s all start working harder and smarter than we ever have before to get back on track as quickly as possible.